The purpose of a meisner summer intensive program or for any meisner working group is to produce more truthful artists. Categorizing an actor as a honest actor might be the highest compliment for an actor, particularly is they have studied the meisner method.

Is the Meisner system straightforward to clarify? Yes, and no. The meisner tradition of living truthfully under imaginary circumstances, is much more difficult than many performers comprehend. It demands solid work. To practice this method, actors have to take be spontaneous and be willing to make errors. actors should be prepared to fall over on their faces and continually work fiercely at becoming the genuine sincere performers that they can be.

Depending to a degree on the training of Method performing developed by Stanislavski, (with a few very well-defined variation for American actors) Meisner working calls for performers to live through actual events, feelings, conditions as they move through a narrative, rather than perform a role. It’s also a good way for a Meisner performer to appreciate the main beliefs of the method more profoundly, because it is a targeted version of the craft.

In any Meisner acting class you could frequently hear the phrase working by doing. Meisner often used to like to continue his class waiting for him by arriving late. Upon arriving Meisner would ask the students what they were doing. One performer would every time reply that they were waiting. Meisner would then ask the students if they had been really waiting or if they had been just acting like they had been waiting. The distinction when thinking about how actors take action and how they behave is very slight.

Surely the real text the words are important but they do not convey the entire story in a film or on stage. To tell the true narrative artists have got to listen to each other and answer to each other, making a new realism that is imagined and authentic. Mesiner working is one of the most studied and practiced working techniques of the last thirty years. many of the utmost and well recognized artists have studied Meisner. A meisner intensive is a good way to learn more about meisner if you are new to the technique, or if you have already studied meisner, a perfect way to become more practiced in it’s use. A meisner summer intensive is certainly somber work, however, the positve aspects of taking a meisner curriculum will be clear as you follow your career and grow your own approach of performing.

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